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What is P.E.W.S.?

P.E.W.S. is short for Personal Empowerment & Wellbeing Session and it represents MindRight’s unique approach to mental health in making it feel inclusive. It is a two-way process between the client and the therapist to discover better ways to cope with life’s challenges, improve interpersonal relationships and identify avenues of growth moving forward.

P.E.W.S. isn’t about treating psychiatric symptoms or mental illnesses. It is about untangling distressful thoughts and emotions while creating healthy coping mechanisms to move forward.

Our experts will work with you to identify goals and objectives and simultaneously create anchors to desired behaviours that will improve your self-esteem, communication skills and overall quality of life.

What Does P.E.W.S. look like?

1st Session – Building a Therapeutic Alliance

  • History taking and better understanding of presenting purpose & goals

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Key Benefits of P.E.W.S.

Gain Self-Awareness.jpeg

Gain Self-Awareness

Learning more about your own emotions can help you understand what triggers an emotional reaction and gives you the power to choose a better way to respond. You will get a better understanding of how your expectations and beliefs impact the way you interact with different people and thus give you a fresh perspective on how to approach them.

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Improve Relationships

Working with us to better understand who you are as an individual will also help you improve your interpersonal relationships. Human beings innately crave social engagements; when you better understand who you are, you can better identify other people who share similar beliefs and values.

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Promote Self-Confidence

P.E.W.S. will promote greater self-esteem and enable you to see yourself in a new and more positive way. By creating a safe environment for you to talk about issues that delight and distress you, we are better able to help you feel good about yourself and make the necessary changes you see fit to live a fuller more confident life.

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