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Become The Leader You Needed

Leadership is an action & not a position.

Therefore, the problem isn't with a lack of leadership;

it's with a lack of good leadership. 

This program is designed to give working professionals a foundation of leadership that will empower them to be the role models they wish they had. Leadership of others begin with leadership of self; so you can expect leaders to experience a change unlike any other that will empower them to successfully own the leadership positions they hold and create a pipeline of future leaders with better mental health and millions saved in productivity. 


Training workshops conducted by MindRight are seamlessly integrated with Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Techniques. Hence, you can expect every workshop to be an experience that is relatable and applicable to professional & personal elements of our lives.

Course Overview

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Leadership of Self

Develop the Foundations of a Leadership Mindset

Module 1:
Critical Thinking
Module 2:
What is Stress? 
Module 3:
Effective Communication
Module 4:
Time vs Energy

Mastering Emotion

Develop the Foundations of Resilience

Module 1:
Module 2:
Emotional Maturity
Module 3:
Psychological Agility
Module 4:
Strategic Communication
Level 3 Leadership Mindset.jpeg

Becoming a Leader

Apply Leadership Principles to Inspire Growth

Module 1:
Self-Discovery Exercise
Module 2:
The Modern Leader
Module 3:
360 Peer Reviews

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