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Resilience & Leadership Training

We believe Work-Life Integration better encapsulates the day-to-day lives of working professionals in Singapore and Asia.


Work-Life Integration is defined as recognizing that work plays a large role in our lives and that it is our responsibility to create healthy boundaries for ourselves to protect our mental health. We are committed to ensuring working professionals have the tools to develop skills that can be applied in a personal and professional capacity.


Training sessions conducted by MindRight are seamlessly integrated with Positive Psychology that helps make the content relatable and more importantly, applicable in all facets of our lives.

Course Overview

2022-08-21 Mindright Asia 76.JPG

Leadership of Self

Develop the Foundations of a Leadership Mindset

Module 1:
Critical Thinking
Module 2:
Stress Management
Module 3:
Effective Communication
Module 4:
Time vs Energy

Mastering Emotion

Develop the Foundations of Resilience

Module 1:
Module 2:
Emotional Maturity
Module 3:
Psychological Agility
Module 4:
Strategic Communication
Level 3 Leadership Mindset.jpeg

Becoming a Leader

Apply Leadership Principles to Inspire Growth

Module 1:
Self-Discovery Exercise
Module 2:
The Modern Leader
Module 3:
360 Peer Reviews

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