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What is SF Therapy?

SF Therapy is short for "Solution Focused" therapy and it represents MindRight’s client-centric approach. Solution Focused therapy is a goal-oriented and future-focused approach to therapy that has gained popularity in Singapore due to its effectiveness in producing positive outcomes in a short amount of time.


Unlike traditional therapy models that focus on the past and problems, SF Therapy emphasizes the client's strengths and resources to help them achieve their desired future. With its and solution-focused approach, SF has become the preferred model of therapy for many individuals and organizations in Singapore and across Asia.

MindRight are the exclusive EAP Partners of the Academy of Solution Focused Training based in Singapore. This enables all our coaches and counsellors to be board certified and insured by ICF and SAC  respectively.  

What Does a Solution Focused session look like?

1st Session – Building a Therapeutic Alliance

  • History taking and better understanding of presenting purpose + goals formulation

1st Session.jpeg

Key Benefits of SF Therapy

Gain Self-Awareness.jpeg

Gain Self-Awareness

Learning more about your own emotions can help you understand what triggers an emotional reaction and gives you the power to choose a better way to respond. You will get a better understanding of how your expectations and beliefs impact the way you interact with different people and thus give you a fresh perspective on how to approach them.

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Improve Relationships

Working with us to better understand who you are as an individual will also help you improve your interpersonal relationships. Human beings innately crave social engagements; when you better understand who you are, you can better identify other people who share similar beliefs and values.

2022-08-21 Mindright Asia 72.JPG

Promote Self-Confidence

SF will promote greater self-esteem and enable you to see yourself in a new and more positive way. By creating a safe environment for you to talk about issues that delight and distress you, we are better able to help you feel good about yourself and make the necessary changes you see fit to live a fuller more confident life.

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