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Our Mission is to be the catalyst of positive change in the lives and careers of the people we engage with.

About Us

Message from the Founder

Let me begin by thanking you; not just for visiting our website but, more importantly, for making your mental health a priority. The fact that you’re here suggests that you’re exploring avenues to improve your mental well-being and I commend you for that!

Taking these first steps to improve your mental health can be filled with uncertainties. With your permission, I hope that the content provided on the different tabs above helps quell some of those fears. When you’re ready, our discreet booking platform will provide you with the opportunity to engage in mental health services without any of the associated stigmas. 

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We also recognise that working professionals in Singapore and across Asia have struggled for years in search of the elusive “work-life balance”. We believe that for us here in Asia, Work-Life Integration better exemplifies our lives. Through our proprietary workshop-styled training programs, we empower you with business skills that can be applied immediately across both your professional and personal life. 

Finally, I hope you allow me to leave you with a quote that I’ve found supportive in times where my mind feels clouded; “You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop them from controlling you.”

I look forward to meeting you one day and hearing your story of how you were able to
Get Your
MindRight to Live a Better Life.

James Abraham (M.S).

Founder & CEO

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